·   Develop a unique and differentiated corporate signage system that incorporates the new eBay identity
    ·   Use this as an opportunity to further reflect the brand values through design
    ·   Communicate three concept options through 3D models and inspirational imagery
    ·   Concept development
    ·   3D rendering
    ·   Presentation development
Design Studio: Lippincott (www.lippincott.com)
Concept 1 – Anytime, Anywhere: A sculptural sun dial reinforces the brand and the services that it offers
Concept 2 – Contemporary Elegance: Layers of glass express eBay's transparency and new refined look
Concept 3 – Dynamic Connection: Angled letters link together to symbolize the connections that eBay creates between its users. Visibility of the bold identity colors changes as viewers interact with the sign.
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