·   Redefine the offerings of a bank based on today’s functions and foreseen opportunities
    ·   Identify consumer needs and engage with their lifestyle
    ·   Develop customer journey and demonstrate design through conceptual renderings
    ·   Concept development
    ·   Space planning
    ·   Customer experience mapping
    ·   3D rendering
    ·   Furniture and finish selection
    ·   Presentation development
Design Studio: Lippincott (www.lippincott.com)
Café and Vending
This environment leverages automated vending with touchscreen technology so guests can choose from an assortment of refreshments to enjoy while relaxing or working in the seating area.
Lounge & Learning
The technology bar allows guests to interact with touch screen tutorials to learn how to set up their own mobile device and discover tools to help them virtually bank. An eclectic variety of lounge furniture is available to sit and enjoy.
This new ATM design is the future of self-service banking. This module is created to be flexible and intuitive with a simplified touch screen interface and one slot for all media.

This inviting service area allows guests to get help from employees with all of their banking needs. Lounge seating surrounds an interactive table for guests to explore while watching the popular news and information on the changing media wall.
Community Events Wall 
Guests are encouraged to explore (and post to) this locally inspired wall for upcoming community functions, One seminars, and other neighborhood needs. 
Meeting Area 
This flexible space provides a variety of semi-private areas where guests can work individually or with a group. The furnishings are comfortable and inviting and leverage the distinctive brand colors.
Card Customization 
The wall of personalized credit card options create visual impact and inspire guests to use the touch screen terminals to create a custom credit card, debit card, or gift card of their own. 
This communal work space encourages guests to study, collaborate, and share ideas while using the whiteboard surface to write or project. This space is flexible and has the ability to host small groups or larger seminars or lectures. 
This flexible work space encourages casual get-togethers or has the ability to accommodate organized events and seminars for larger audiences. The media screens feed current events/news or can display specialized content for events. 
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